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Alpine by Obvious

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When science meets art

A trailblazer in the field of motor racing, Alpine has built its legend by harnassing the power of technical innovations to enhance performance and sensations. This collaboration continues this dialogue between technology and our emotions. Obvious art collective is a pioneer in the use of aI (Artificial Intelligence) in the field of art and the originator of the first work of this type to be auctioned. 

Alpine A110 Obvious

This original artwork, created entirely with algorithms, explores the creative potential of artificial intelligence and questions its use in our society.

Alpine’s researchers worked together with the artists to exploit the capabilities of machine learning for artistic creation. The creative process consists of using GANs (generative adversarial networks), a class of unsupervised learning algorithms, on Alpine history in racing.

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Alpine A110 Obvious

01 Generate the Alpine Dream circuit

Train GAN algorithms using a database of circuits that have marked Alpine’s history so they can generate an infinite number of imaginary new circuits tha follow the brand's DNA.

Select the Alpine Dream circuit from among the algorithms' creations.

Alpine A110 Obvious

02 Model the air penetration

Model the air penetration of Alpine A110 as it takes a lap on the Alpine Dream Circuit.

Input the maps and create a stratified 3D representation of the car.

Render its artistic representation, drawing from naturally-formed sastrugi as inspiration.

03 Create the Alpine mountain

Create a canvas by breaking down the car to its basic elements. Turn it into a topographic map and then into a 3D model of a mountain.

Alpine A110 Obvious
Alpine A110 Obvious
Alpine A110 Obvious
Alpine A110 Obvious

A110 Sastruga

Alpine A110 Obvious - video - Sastruga
“All our oeuvres are signed with the GAN mathematical formula to give the viewer a peek into the artistic process used to create them.”
Alpine A110 Obvious - artists


The artists

Obvious is an art collective of researchers, artists, and friends, working with the latest deep learning models to explore the creative potential of artificial intelligence. They are behind the first AI artwork to be sold at a major auction house. They use their work to share their vision of artificial intelligence and its application in our society.

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