A110 SAN REMO 73

A110 SAN REMO 73



300 hp

at 6,300 rpm


1,116 kg

kerb weight1,116 to 1,119 kg depending on the options chosen


4.2 sec

from 0 to 100 km/h

The Alpine A110 San Remo 73 celebrates 50 years of the very first World Rally Championship and Alpine’s brilliant victory with an eye-catching livery.

A110 SAN REMO 73


With its classic Caddy Blue livery and combination of a playful Alpine chassis and 300 hp engine, this is a sports car with strong racing heritage and a duality that echoes the grit and glory of the iconic San Remo stages it proved victorious upon 50 years ago.


A red carbon roof on the outside and elegant stitching inside ensure there’s glamour and modernity to complement its attitude. You’re looking at a collector’s car with rally DNA packed beneath its striking skin.

Rallye San Remo - A110 SAN REMO 73 - Alpine

Rallye San Remo

It’s 1973 and the World Rally Championship season is approaching its finale. Three A110 berlinettes are gathered in glamorous San Remo, primed and ready to attack the tough stages that snake out of the town.


Racing DNA, inside and out

Design - A110 San Remo 73 - Alpine
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