Alpine A110 R Turini

A110 R Turini

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Maximum speed

284 km/h

on the track


4.0 s

0 to 100 km/h

From its chassis to its lightweight, aerodynamic design, this road-legal car was built for the track.
Alpine A110 R Turini

Radical new thrills

A proven performer at the highest level

Our most radical car continues to thrill. A110 R has already established itself as a star performer with a scintillating podium finish at the revered evo Car of the Year contest. It’s lower, faster and more dynamic than any Alpine before it, with optional Racing Blue livery to further immerse you in the universe of our BWT Alpine F1® Team.

Now even more connected to the mountain roads Alpine was founded upon. A110 R Turini takes its name from the celebrated rally stages where the A110 legend began.

Alpine A110 R Turini

Carbon-fibre focus

A110 R Turini sits on Matte Black GT Race wheels for supreme versatility on the roads you love. Front blade, bonnet, spoiler, roof, rear window… Carbon, a material synonymous with F1®, is present throughout A110 R Turini for ultimate lightness and performance.

Alpine A110 R Turini - exploded view
Alpine A110 R Turini - carbon fibre front blade
Alpine A110 R Turini - carbon fibre seats
Alpine A110 R Turini - carbon fibre
 Alpine A110 R Turini
 Alpine A110 R Turini


Give your Alpine A110 R Turini more character by customizing it in our Alpine workshop. Coverings, stripes, etc. Choose a design that’s as unique as you are.



More than a sports car, it’s a racing car

Alpine A110 R – sports car approved for the road

Our engineers are obsessed with allowing you to drive as fast as possible in a straight line, like on a Formula 1® race track, while maintaining an optimum speed on bends. 


We have worked tirelessly with our BWT Alpine F1® Team to offer you a racing car approved for the road.

Alpine A110 R - chassis


Cornering has rarely felt so precise. An exclusive chassis sits 10mm lower than our A110 S, adjustable by an additional 10mm to allow truly absorbing circuit experiences. The intensity is boosted further by the availability of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slick tyres. A110 R Turini brings a new dimension of thrills on road or track.

Alpine A110 GT - aerodynamics


Its entire aerodynamic profile has been rigorously engineered to ensure A110 R Turini hugs the road. Diffuser, rear wing with swan-neck mount, side skirts… The result is up to 29g of additional downforce compared to an A110 S Aero Kit and a 5% smoother drag coefficient to achieve 285km/h (177mph) on the track.

True sports car performance with 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in four seconds.
Alpine A110 R Turini
Alpine A110 R - performances
Maximum speed
284 km/h
On the track
Lighter, more aerodynamic, the A110 R Turini is the fastest in its range
0 to 100 km/h
4.0 sec
The Launch Control propels the A110 R Turini to 100 km/h in just 4.0 seconds
Standing start
22 sec
1,000 m
The A110 R Turini integrates the world of sports cars within 22 seconds at 1,000 m from a standing start


Open the door to new sensations

Alpine A110 R Turini - large interior
Alpine A110 - Sports coupé

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