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Alpine Academy

Alpine Academy

The Alpine Academy—formerly the Renault Sport Academy—enters its seventh year in 2022. The programme has grown from strength to strength each year since it was established in 2016. Its goal from the outset has been clear and remains so: for an Alpine Academy driver to be in Formula 1 and become world champion with the team.

Jack Doohan - Alpine Acamedy

Jack Doohan

“I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone more and settle into being an Academy member. The facilities are awesome, and the door is always open for chats and advice. I’m keen to get stuck in, work hard and start the 2022 on-track campaign.”

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Olli Cadwell - Alpine Academy

Olli Cadwell

“I’m really excited to join the Academy as this is one of the biggest steps in my career so far. All the support that comes with it does add a bit of pressure, but that’s good pressure to have in order to keep pushing.”

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Caio Collet - Alpine Academy

Caio Collet

“I don’t think this was my best year in terms of results. I had some excellent performances, good races, nice overtakes, but, if you look at the overall results, it was not my best season.”

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Victor Martins - Alpine Academy

Victor Martins

“They are giving me this opportunity to do what I want to do with my career by pushing me as a driver and as a person. They provide all the advice and tools to be successful and I’m happy to work with the Academy this year and go even further.”

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Alpine Affiliate

On the back of its most successful year to date with three graduates moving onto Formula 1 and IndyCar, the Academy is excited to now announce the launch of its Alpine Affiliates program this year. The Alpine Affiliate program has been created to support and nurture promising young drivers as they begin their careers in motorsport, as well as acting as a potential feeder program for the Alpine Academy. The Alpine Affiliate program offers drivers professional support during a crucial stage of their early racing careers. This includes career advice, training, mentoring, PR training and more.


The Alpine Affiliates will also have the chance to use the world-class facilities on offer at the Academy’s headquarters in Enstone. The five inaugural drivers of the Affiliate program have been chosen because of the promise that they have shown as well as their proven talent in motorsport. The new Alpine Affiliate programme will be spearheaded by Alpine Academy Director Mia Sharizman and Director of Expansion Projects Davide Brivio, as the duo continues in their quests to recruit the best young drivers across the globe to bring into the Alpine Academy.

Hadrien David - Alpine Affiliate

Hadrien David

Abbi Pulling - Alpine Affiliate

Abbi Pulling

Nicolas Tsolov - Alpine Affiliate

Nicolas Tsolov

Kean Nakamura Berta - Alpine Affiliate

Kean Nakamura Berta

Matheus Ferreira - Alpine Affiliate

Matheus Ferreira

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