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ALPINE A290_ β


Alpine A290_β flicks the electric car experience into expert mode. It propels our agile sports cars into a bold, battery-powered future while giving their familiar name a new lifestyle edge. Formula 1-inspired controls and the wildly exciting boost of its overtake button bring a taste of motorsport technology to the streets.

The first full Electric Vehicle Showcar of Alpine’s Dream Garage
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A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine
 A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine
  A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine

A290_β previews the first entrant in Alpine's dream garage, allying fully electrified power to a bold new look without forgetting the most important ingredient of all: excitement. This thrilling hot hatch previews a perfectly formed Alpine that will soon tackle city streets as deftly as its ancestors tackled curving rally stages, bringing the same liveliness to a new generation of drivers with busy lifestyles.

Boosted with our racing DNA @@

A290_β is born from racing. Its steering wheel takes influence from our Formula 1 car while its ‘feel at one’ philosophy brings three seats and a central driving position to blur the lines between road and race cars in an unforgettable fashion. Exclusive Michelin tyres, an aerodynamic rear spoiler and torque vectoring technology ensure its EV potency successfully meets the tarmac.

X lighting

You won’t mistake A290_β for any other car. Its quad front lamps are pure Alpine, their enticing new Xs taking inspiration from rallying to indicate a rugged car that’s ready for an urban landscape.

Three seats

A290_β allows two co-drivers along for the ride, each enjoying an exciting view of the driver at work in a unique central position. Anyone is upgraded to the role of race crew in this fiery new hot hatch.

F1 inspired steering wheel

Motorsport DNA flows through every surface of A290_ß, and nowhere is it more obvious than the steering wheel. It’s inspired by our Alpine A523 Formula 1 car, with an Overtake button for intense moments of electrified boost.

Unique, distinctive sharpened design

A dazzling matt colour scheme with lightweight carbon elements nods to the pure snow and minerals of the Alps. Blue and magenta LEDs set a sporty cockpit ambience while onlookers can watch the driver extract every drop of this car’s performance as A290_β’s curved windscreen sets a theatrical stage. A modern twist on classic exhaust tailpipes ensures the passion of enthusiasts lives on in this new era of electrification.


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    • Feel at one
      Feel at one

      The ‘feel at one’ interior philosophy of A290_ß is on show to passengers and onlookers alike. Horizontal blue and vertical magenta LEDs combine to cocoon the heroic driver, who sits front and centre behind a curved windscreen.

    • Motorsport materials
      Motorsport materials

      Carbonfibre hints at motorsport DNA and contributes to a dazzling two-tone exterior, signifying a car whose dynamism was born in the rugged Alps our name pays tribute to.

    • Dual spoiler
      Dual spoiler

      A290_β’s eye-catching double spoiler not only provides a distinctive look, but also utilises our motorsport expertise to carve cleanly through the air. Potent performance can always be enjoyed to its fullest.

A new flavour of sportiness

Exhilaration hasn’t been forgotten, with motorsport DNA flowing through every surface you touch. ‘Feel at one’ seating fast-tracks anyone to the role of racing driver while giving co-drivers a whole new level of involvement. 

Torque vectoring sits beneath an aerodynamic body to ensure enthralling performance on the circuit and an intense smile on any driver’s face. This is a playful taste of a plugged-in future where thrills remain at the forefront.

A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine
Rear light signature
A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine
Tricolour rim
A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine
Side sculpture
A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine
Side mirror
A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine
Rear diffuser

Blurring the lines between virtual and reality

Our electrified era is inclusive for enthusiasts of all ages. The Dream Garage caters for different desires while A290_β welcomes everyone into plugged-in performance with accompanying NFTs and enthralling appearances in future racing simulations that allow any passionate car fan to come along for the ride. We’ve made an EV ready for the physical and digital world.

A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine
A290_β - Immerse yourself with Laurent Hurgon

Immerse yourself with Laurent Hurgon

Unraveling A290_β’s secrets with the test driver.

A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine

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