Alpine A290 x Michelin partnership

Alpine x Michelin

A pioneering partnership

Keeping the first Alpine electric hot hatch authentic meant thinking forensically about each component, including tyres. As the most direct dialogue between a vehicle and the road, they play a crucial role in carving out the character of a new car. The success of the previous partnership with Michelin for A110 ensured we knew exactly who would help us bring our first EV to life. A290.

Alpine A290 x Michelin partnership
Alpine A290 x Michelin partnership

A fresh challenge

With the A290, Alpine switched to an electric motor at the front. Michelin has revelled in the challenges of maintaining the Alpine driving sensations a world of superior torque and a fresh dynamic layout. We require specific tyre technology to cater for drivers who seek sharp handling alongside greater efficiency to maximise their usage.

Alpine x Michelin collaboration

A unique flow

Close-knit collaboration between Alpine and Michelin has allowed us to turn convention on its head, both parties occupying important seats at the table during strategic decisions. Optimum tyre size is crucial to successfully balance the often-opposed worlds of dynamic performance and energy efficiency. Intensive testing at Michelin’s Ladoux proving ground has yielded two exciting tyre options for A290.

Best of both worlds

Alpine & Michelin have chosen a 225/40/R19 tyre size for A290, giving this new-age Alpine a muscular look to demonstrate the deep well of talent beneath its surface. Its two distinct tyre choices cater for a wide variety of driving enthusiasts. The Pilot Sport S5 is a performance-bred solution while the Pilot Sport EV places more emphasis on energy efficiency thanks to its low rolling resistance.

Michelin 225/40/R19 tyres

"Particular attention has been paid to the tyre's rolling resistance, without compromising grip and driving, to give this first electric Alpine the best possible range, while maintaining the brand's distinctive dynamic characteristics," explains Philippe Krief, Alpine CEO.

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