Introduction to Dream Garage

Introducing our Dream Garage

Alpine presents its Dream Garage of 100% electric cars: the sporty, urban A290, our Crossover GT and the all-new, fully electric A110. Then we’ll expand our range with a ground-breaking A110-based roadster and reborn A310, a four-seat sports coupe with a legendary badge. Alpine will launch seven new models by 2030.

Introducing our Dream Garage - A290_ß
Introducing our Dream Garage - A290_ß

A290: an Alpine suited to the city and beyond

The A290_ß show car previews A290, our compact electric sports car. Commercialised from 2024, it takes our sporty DNA and fuels it with innovative thinking for low-carbon and sustainable mobility, for a new generation of drivers.

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Introducing our Dream Garage - Alpine Crossover GT

A uniquely Alpine crossover for every lifestyle

The Alpine Dream Garage will present its Crossover GT in 2025, a model fit for every purpose. A new expression of the know-how from Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé.

Introducing our Dream Garage - the future Alpine A110 electric

The evolution of our iconic: A110 goes electric

To complete the Alpine Dream Garage, the new A110, the flag-bearer for our heritage and know-how, will become 100% electric.

Introducing our Dream Garage - A310

Alpine A310: a legend is reborn

Another legendary Alpine model will return thanks to the breadth of our Dream Garage, an exciting reference to our sporting heritage courtesy of our new electric platform. A310 is back to delight diehards and newcomers alike, a stylish four-seat coupe that will broaden our appeal and welcome more buyers into the Alpine family by weaving our dynamic DNA into a new segment.

Introducing our Dream Garage - Alpine high-performance platform

Alpine develops its own high-performance platform

We are proud to announce Alpine Performance Platform (APP), the key to develop a future of fully electric sports cars. It showcases Alpine’s famed agility in a newly flexible way. APP allows different lengths and widths – underpinning coupes and crossovers alike.

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