Alpine - Born from one man’s vision


"I had the most fun when I was zipping around the Alps in my Renault 4 CV. I therefore decided to call my future cars “Alpine”. My customers had to find this same pleasure at the wheel of the car that I wanted to build"


Jean Rédélé, founder of Alpine 


Jean Rédélé, the man behind the legend

Alpine - Jean Rédélé

In 1955, Jean Rédélé, a huge motorsport fan, founded Alpine

He came up with a car with an innovative design, fitted with simple but competitive mechanics, under very light and attractive polyester bodywork. Visionary work on composite materials for the time. 


The use of a multitude of standard parts allowed him to obtain a high performance vehicle with a reasonable maintenance cost.

Alpine - Jean Rédélé

Alpine took off with the appearance of the original A110 in 1962. It only took until the early 1970s for our Alpines to establish themselves amongst the rally racing elite and to monopolise the podium of the famous Monte-Carlo Rally on two occasions. 


In 1973, Alpine became the first constructor to win the World Rally Championship. The Alpine legend was born!


The arrow A on the road to victory



Thanks to the passion and the genius of Jean Rédélé, his cars became a symbol of quality and innovation. They are recognised for their durability and their reliability, and are loved by drivers and car racing fans for their unrivalled performance. 

Alpine race cars are considered as models of excellence and  sought out by collectors and fans of mechanics. They are still a benchmark in the world of motorsport and win on the most demanding tracks.

Alpine - Endurance


1964 and 1966

Alpine racked up victories at the Le Mans 24 hour race



Alpine won the European Rally Championship



Alpine won the Le Mans 24 Hour race for the 3rd time


2016 and 2019

Alpine won the Le Mans 24 Hour race in LMP2



Alpine came 3rd in the Le Mans 24 Hour race 2021 in the Hypercar section

Alpine - Rally



Alpine won the International Championship for Manufacturers




Alpine won the World Rally Championship 



1971 and 1973

Alpine won in Monte Carlo




Alpine became European Rallycross Champion

Alpine - Formula 1



Esteban Ocon won the Hungarian Grand Prix




3rd place in the Jeddah Grand Prix




Alpine F1 Team came 4th in the Constructors’ Championship



Designed by a driver, Jean Rédélé’s cars have racing in their blood. Since 1955, they have imposed their striking style on tracks around the world. Let’s look back at the models that have left their mark on history.

 Alpine A106
1955: Alpine A106
Alpine A108
1960: Alpine A108
Alpine 110
1962: Alpine A110
Alpine A310
1971: Alpine A310
Alpine GTA
1984: Alpine GTA
Alpine 610
1991: Alpine A610



After an absence of 35 years, Alpine returned to the track in 2013 and to trade in 2017 following the highly anticipated Alpine Vision Show Car! After so many years of absence, could the new Alpine return to its victorious run?

The challenge was met with panache for the new team at the helm. European Champion in 2013 and 2014, the A450 wasted no time in living up to the brand’s reputation. It marked the return of French performance!

In 2021, the Alpine motorsport programme moved up a gear with its arrival in the world of Formula 1 with the Alpine F1 Team. A sporting accolade for the cars with the stylised A logo, which have always proved their worth on tracks around the world, to enter Formula 1.

Not to mention their arrival in the top category (Hypercar) in the FIA WEC, under the name 'Alpine Elf Endurance Team’, through the tenacity of Philippe Sinault, the manager of the French team!

Alpine A110



Alpine - a new generation

On the road, Alpine has unveiled its long-term plans to put the brand at the cutting-edge of innovation forever. Now grouped under the Alpine entity, the Alpine Cars and Alpine Racing activities are laying the groundwork for a  “ new generation ” , 100% electric automotive brand for  demanding and passionate customers. 

Alpine - a new generation

This new vision is embodied by our new Alpine Alpenglow, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2022. A hydrogen-fuelled concept car with futuristic styling. The revolutionary and environmentally friendly Alpenglow has become a source of inspiration for our future designs.


For an innovative and sustainable car that is ready to win over a new generation of Alpine drivers around the world! 

A290 Beta - concept car - Alpine

A290_β: The first car in Alpine's new era

The A290_β, in other words, is opening a new chapter in Alpine’s enthralling history. The brand is tapping into its motor-sports heritage and essence, and venturing into new segments starting with an urban sports car.

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