24 Juin 2022

Alpine Esports is excited to announce that James Baldwin wins the 2nd edition of the Alpine Esports Series Championship powered by Binance. In collaboration with sim racing partner Race Clutch, the final round saw George Boothby come out victorious on the world-famous Nürburgring GP track.


The third and final round of the Alpine Esports Championship Series took place at the world-famous German Nürburgring GP track. Going into the race all eyes were on series leader James Baldwin to see if he could close out an overall win. The sprint race provided a wealth of excitement with George Boothby coming out on top and securing ten points heading into the main race.


The main race saw a very close drive at the top of the grid with Boothby and Whitehead going head-to-head in second and third. However, it was Marko Pejic with an impressive drive that saw him come across the finishing line first. With points from both races calculated it was George Boothby in first with 28 points, Marko Pejic in second with 25 points and Luke Whitehead in third with 20 points.


Despite only getting 8 points in Round 3, the work that Baldwin had put in earlier in the series saw him comfortably crowned the winner of the Alpine Esports Series Championship with 72 points overall. As the winner Baldwin wins a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a premium Alpine A110 GT4 track day experience, $40,000 worth of ALPINE Fan tokens, high-quality Philips Hue light bundle, FreeM Sim-Racing Alpine Esports shoes and gloves.


The Alpine Esports Series Championship was powered by the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, Binance who gave away a shared prize pool of $100,000 in ALPINE Fan Tokens throughout the competition. George Boothby took home the Fastest in-game Qualifier Lap with a $1,500 ALPINE Fan Token prize, with a lap time of 1:41:230 and Marko Pejic was awarded the Binance Fastest Lap Award after driving the most fastest laps during the main races. Other Binance prizes involved a shared prize pool of $6000 in ALPINE Tokens for Binance users who scanned the QR code during the Alpine Esports Series live streams and a pool of $4,000 ALPINE Tokens for fans who collected all 5 Binance Alpine GT4 POAP NFTs.


Top racers also claimed various other goodies, including a Trak Racer TRX frame for the runner-up as well as a high-quality BenQ Monitor (EX3410R) for the third-place winner with Freem Alpine, shoes and gloves and a Philips Hue light bundle for the top three drivers.


The second season of Alpine Esports Series saw non-stop action with 250,000 fans tuning in to see the best sim racers go head-to-head across three rounds. The first race which took place at Circuit de Catalunya track saw British sim racing driver James Baldwin take the lead with 29 points with Luke Whitehead following with 26 points and George Boothby with 25 points. The drivers then headed to the Paul Ricard track where once again James Baldwin was crowned the winner extending his lead and going into the final race with an impressive lead.




Final Classification


1. James Baldwin – 72 Total Points

2. George Boothby – 67 Total Points

3. Marko Pejic – 62 Total Points

4. Luke Whitehead – 60 Total Points

5. Michele Nerbi – 43 Total Points

6. Andrea Miatto – 31 Total Points

7. Michael Romagnoli – 24 Total Points

8. Mathias Kuhn – 19 Total Points

9. Mariusz Tworzydło – 10 Total Points

10. Victor Nicolae – 9 Total Points

11. Florian Bauer – 6 Total Points

12. Davide Arduini – 6 Total Points

13. Lorenz Hörzing – 4 Total Points

14. Michał Nowakowski – 3 Total Points

15. Artur Czarnecki – 2 Total Points

16. Gaël Valero – 2 Total Points


Round 1


1. James Baldwin – 29 points

2. Luke Whitehead – 26 points

3. George Boothby – 25 points

4. Marko Pejic – 15 points

5. Andrea Miatto – 14 points


Round 2


1. James Baldwin – 35 points

2. Marko Pejic – 22 points

3. Andera Miatto – 17 points

4. Michele Nerbi – 15 points

5. Luke Whitehead – 14 points


Round 3


1. George Boothby – 28 points

2. Marko Pejic – 25 points

3. Luke Whitehead – 20 points

4. Michele Nerbi – 16 points

5. James Baldwin – 12 points